Third phase. Functional prototype.


Product creation is completed by certification tests for compliance with safety requirements and quality standards. The cab frame test completes certification of product compliance with safety requirements. Designs that we create, always meet these requirements (FOPS testing falling-object protective structures, ISO 3449 and ROPS testig roll-over protective structures, ISO 3471).

The structures that we design should be implemented without the slightest deviation from the project. The developer of the structure does not guarantee compliance with the safety requirements of the product if the customer arbitrarily makes changes to the project, believing that he thereby improves it. But even in such a case, a successful passage of tests is possible.

AMA has developed through the acquisition and establishment of production plants. The Group has 14 production plants that operate in close synergy with each other. In order to push the international spread of its range, AMA established several distribution branches. The branches guarantee constant presence and professional assistance all over the world, differentiated according to needs.

A good product is nothing if it cannot be produced economically. With deep in-house manufacturing knowledge and a network of embedded industry experts, we can guarantee the right manufacturing route for each and every part.

Our access to in-house equipment and and local fabrication supplier network enables us to turn around complex prototypes and low-volume production with extreme speed.

We use strong knowledge in all the basic production methods that AMA has.